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Two years ago, I went to a lunch with a group called the Travelers’ Century Club, a club for people who have been to 100 or more countries around the world. There, an elderly gentleman told me he travels because, “Before I get out of this world, I want to see exactly what I’m getting out of it.”

I’ve loved traveling since my first trip out of the country when I was 14 years old. Since then, I’ve “collected” 28 countries and have my sights set on more.

In my professional life I am an entertainment journalist for hire, with a focus on film and television. I have a master’s degree in Arts and Culture journalism and a background in Theater and Cinema Studies. I’ve traveled a lot to film festivals around the globe, but I love seeing the world so much, that I’ve decided to dip my toe in travel writing as well. This blog is for stories, anecdotes, tips, and highlights from my adventures around the world that I don’t submit to professional publications. But if you are an editor and are interested in a longer, more fleshed-out or in-depth piece relating to any of these stories, please feel free to contact me!

Happy travels!



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